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Jane Hawtin

Jane HawtinOn the air, she’s intelligent, passionate, gutsy, caring and unpredictable. At home, she’s… intelligent, passionate, gutsy, caring and unpredictable. “I’m the same off the air as on,” admits Jane Hawtin, popular host of WTN’s Jane Hawtin Live! There’s no pretension about the charismatic talk show host who has been educating and entertaining Canadians since 1976, when she landed her first on-air radio job in Kingston. She hosted Q107’s public affairs and entertainment show, Barometer, until 1987, when CFRB’s The Jane Hawtin Show, was born and matured to Canada’s highest-rated noon hour talk show.
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George Fox

George Fox Trail“Oh, just tell the folks I’ve got about 65 pounds of awards,” he says modestly, when asked why the walls in his rustic country home aren’t lined with gold records and Junos. It’s a typical interview answer from Canada’s fastest-rising country star, George Fox, who considers chopping firewood as much an integral part of his life as writing and performing music. To George, the “country” lifestyle is more than fodder for song lyrics: “It’s in your blood, like cholesterol.”
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Ronnie Hawkins

by Dorothea Helms
Photos by Celia Bronkhorst

ronniehawkins4.jpgAfter 48 years in show business, he’s slowing down a bit so he can stop and smell the roses more often – but Ronnie Hawkins is still rockin’ and rollin’ to please the crowds. Long known for his generosity in helping dozens of young music artists get started in the ‘biz, rock and roll superstar Ronnie also lends his celebrity status to help raise funds for numerous charities.
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How to Interview Celebrities

Dorothea and JaneInterviewing is a skill every non-fiction writer should nurture. Although it can be difficult, there are effective ways to approach people who can help you with the information you need for an article or book. The number one obstacle to your getting an honest and interesting interview is the person’s nervousness about the unknown. You may ask questions they don’t want to answer, and worse yet, you may print the answers inaccurately.
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